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Purchasing Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed Black Angus Beef Pricing Information


                           Eat Better Beef! 

There are three ways to buy our grass fed beef:

 *Affordable bulk rates.  By purchasing a whole, or a half.  You will save around 15 to 25 percent of the cost of our individual cuts and even greater percent over what you would pay for grass fed beef at local grocery stores.  Often friends and family will split a whole to get the best value.  Please call for current pricing.   

*Sample packages.  These will fit your wallet....and your freezer.  They represent approximately 10 percent savings over the cost of individual cuts. Sample packages are very limited, please call for availability.  660-864-6287

*Individual Cuts.  Limited availability, but call and ask.  Also available at some local stores and farmers' markets.                                                               

*The average Grass Fed Black Angus Beef will go to harvest around 900-1,100 pounds.  This will decrease to an average of 400 pounds of frozen packaged grass fed beef after all the processing is completed for a whole beef with a Standard Processing Cut.   Prices are based on current market price .  Please call for current pricing.  

*Processing fees are payable to the processing facility when you pick your beef up.  The processing from the butcher will vary - but expect to pay .49 cents per pound per hanging weight plus a kill fee of $40.00 - $75.00.  We use two local processing plants here in Warrensburg or Holden Missouri and your beef can be USDA Certified upon request.

We are available to answer any questions and will assist you with ordering details including cuts, cooking instructions and storage options.  We also provide local delivery at an extra cost.

We look forward to being your family's Grass Fed Local Farmer.